School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


General Information

Since the academic year 1993-94 a new post-graduate program has been initiated in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, which leads to a Doctoral Dissertation. The students must follow a number of graduate courses (depending on their background) within the first two semesters of their studies. The duration of the program may be from 6 to 12 semesters. The requirements and rules of the program are set by virtue of the Decree B1/723 published on 6 Oct. 1993.

Graduate studies, leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), are available at the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of AUT. The nominal duration of graduate studies is 3-6 years. The first year is mainly course work and the rest are spent in research work, the end result of which is an original thesis. A supervisor and a three-member committee monitor the progress made by each graduate student and an annual report is submitted to the coordination committee of the postgraduate programme. The thesis, which must be written in Greek, is defended by the graduate student before a seven-member examination committee.
A graduate student must select four courses pertinent to the subject of his/her studies. Each course lasts 6 months and all four must be completed successfully by the end of the first year. Graduate students of foreign origin are also expected to achieve a good command of the Greek language from the first year of their studies; courses are available at the School of Modern Greek which is affiliated with the Faculty of Philosophy of AUTh.
Neither entry examinations nor tuition fees are required. Positions are made available twice every year in several areas of Electrical Engineering (e.g., Electronics, Control, Computers, Electric Power, Communications and Electromagnetics). The selection of graduate students is made by the coordination committee on account of several criteria, such as the candidate’s undergraduate record, his/her command of a world language, computer literacy, (two) letters of recommendation, publications etc.
Graduates of foreing Universities must first get an obtain recognition of their degree by DIKATSA, 112 Syngrou Str. Athens, tel. 01-9237835, 9222533,9233200, FAX 01/9218052.
Graduates of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics and mathematics may apply for a position. Candidates holding a degree awarded at the end of four-year undergraduate studies, if accepted, will be required to attend a number of undergraduate courses in electrical and computer engineering prior to the beginning of their graduate studies. Successful applicants holding a Master’s degree may be exempted from pertinent graduate courses.

Postgraduate Courses

IDCourse Name
1Advanced Courses in Electrical Power Systems
2Advanced Courses in Electrical Machines
3Topics in Nuclear Technology
4Advanced Courses in Numerical Analysis
5Topics in Electrical Measurements
6Advanced Courses in Technology of Materials
7Semiconductor Technology
9Digital Networks of Integrated Communication Services
10Advanced Digital Image Processing – Artificial Vision
11Topics in Data Bases
12Fuzzy Logic Techniques and Applications
13Intelligent and Autonomus Systems – Neural Networks
14Industrial Electronics and Electric Machines Control
15Advanced Computer Architecture and Microprocessor Systems
16Special Topics in Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing Systems
17Moving Image and Graphics
19Optimization Theory
20Estimation Theory
21Reliability and Fault Diagnosis of Electronic Circuits and Systems
22Advanced Courses in Mathematics
23Electromagnetic Field
24Telecommunication Systems
25Signal Processing Methods and Applications
26Mathematical Physics Methods
27Telecommunication Traffic Theory
28Acoustical Signal Processing
30Finite Elements Methods
31Propagation-Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves in Random Media
32Microwaves Applications
33Advanced courses in Radiowave Propagation and Systems
34Non-linear circuits and non-linear oscillations

Postdoctoral Research

Please find information documents regarding postdoctoral research in our School in the following documents (Greek):

Postdoctoral Research regulations

 Proposal  exemplar

Postdoctoral Research Application