School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical Energy


  • Power Systems Planning, Operation and Control, Renewable Energy Sources, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power, Power Electronics and Energy Conversion, Applications of Informatics to Power Systems.
  • Electrical Machines (EM): Eddy Currents, Electrical Drives, Heating of EM, Magnetic Field of EM, Acoustic Noise and Vibrations of EM.
  • Hierarchical and Decentralised Control of Large Scale Systems.
  • Early Detection of Malfunctions with Noise Techniques, Heat Transfer, Environmental Radioactivity Pollution Measurement and Modelling.
  • Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, Ceramics, Testing of Materials, Structure of Materials.
  • Environmental Radioactivity, Interaction of Radiation with Matter.
  • High Voltage Technology, Electrical Breakdown, High Voltage Laboratory Techniques, High Voltage Applications, Lightning Protection Systems.

Department of Electrical Energy Secretariat
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