School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Applied and Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory

Unit Director: Ioannis Rekanos 

Members: Christos Antonopoulos, Nikolaos Kantartzis 

The Applied and Computational Electromagnetics Unit treats the wide area of applied electromagnetics, computational electromagnetics, experimental methods for the calculation of electromagnetic quantities, and the design/development/assessment of advanced electromagnetic structures.

Teaching: Electtromagnetic Field Theory, Computational Electromagnetics, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Acoustics, Non-Destructuvive Testing/Evaluation Methods


The research activities of the Unit are basically the following:

  •  Enhanced computational methods with controllable accuracy (FDTD, FEM, FIT, FVTD, high-order opera-tors, nonstandard schemes, stochastic techniques) for contemporary electromagnetic applications.
  •  Development of mathematical models for the analysis of propagation, scattering, EMC, acoustic, and bio-electromagnetic problems.
  •  Modern EMC components and complicated EMC/ΕΜΙ problems.
  •  Contemporary microwave devices with an emphasis on waveguide structures and specialized antennas.
  •  Nano-EMC components and circuits for high-speed interconnects.
  •  Measurement technology of EMC quantities, anechoic chambers, usage of electromagnetic spectrum.
  •  Micro- and nano-electromechanical systems with optimal reconfigurability.
  •  GPU-accelerated algorithms and efficient parallelization schemes for the rapid solution of EMC problems.